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Our Story

Hi, my name is Misty Lackie and I am the founder of

When I was a teenager, I watched my mom battle, and eventually lose her life, to breast cancer. At just 42 years old, she left behind my Dad, myself, and my 7 other siblings, the youngest of which was only 2. Then, in June 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and spent the next year of my life being treated for it.

I have witnessed and experienced firsthand how hard breast cancer is on the person experiencing it, but also on their families and loved ones.

Something I experienced when my mom was sick - and then also noticed again when I was diagnosed - is how lost people around you feel. So many people want to help, but don’t know what to say, what to give or what to do.

During my treatment, my aunt sent me a couple of care packages which meant so much to me. They included tea, snacks, silly socks, etc. They made my heart smile and let me know she was thinking about me without her having to really say anything at all. 

This simple gesture of kindness ignited my desire to want to do the same for other breast cancer patients, and the idea for was born. Everything included in the Badass Survivor care packages are things that breast cancer patients will use and love, and our hope is it will put a smile on their face as well.

We started out making 48 care packages. 10 of those we are donating to local breast cancer patients and the other 38 are being sold. Net proceeds from the 38 will go to breast cancer research. If there is a positive response from these first 48, we plan to make more! We will continue to donate proceeds to breast cancer research.

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Where We Donate

For the first 38 purchased care packages we are donating the net proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research. If we have a positive response after the first 38, we plan to continue to sell more and will donate the net proceeds to multiple organizations.

Big Thanks!

This would not have been possible without the help of so many amazing people. What started out as a simple idea and a much smaller care package concept, turned into something so much more because of so many special souls.

A huge thank you to teacher Jennifer Stillittano and her amazing students who run the student-run business DireLights for making custom inspirational soy candles accompanied by a warrior music playlist ( These students really made these candles special.

A big shout-out to Tiffany Koehler who single-handedly embroidered all of the badass survivor blankets, beanies and socks. So much work and time were put into these.

Thank you to my son Nathan for meticulously finding the perfect jokes for the joke cards and for printing/cutting every one.

A big thanks to Tilly Peralta for helping with the website.